Artist's Statement ~                                                                                                                                                                                Through my work, I share my experience of nature and universal themes of the human spirit. Love, joy, peace and passion are expressed through meditative landscape paintings, figurative paintings, paintings of wildlife or 3-D works of functional art. My inspiration may include the sight of an expansive sky or a touching moment of the day. My life and artwork are spiritually guided and I begin each day in my studio with an encouraging prayer and a sense of gratitude.

A view of water is a common theme in my work. Our Florida Panhandle beaches and coastal dune lakes are places of reflection, contemplation, peaceful solitude and great beauty. Wonderful vistas seen during walks in our beautiful coastal Florida Panhandle communities, abstract ideas from daily life, the beautiful organic lines of nature and the human form all compel me to create art.

Artist’s Studio, Materials, and Method of Work ~
My painting style may be associated with the Contemporary Color Field and Contemporary Impressionism genres. The format of my work, whether square, horizontal or vertical, will vary according to the composition and mood of the subject. I generally paint with an analogous paint palette to restrict color, while focusing upon a harmony of shape and form, in an effort to create immediate balance in my works. I work with both acrylic and oil paint materials and enjoy experimentation with mixed media composition.

I quite often isolate form in high contrast and occasionally in stark outline. I sometimes hint at my love of historic stained glass with a sense of light and transparency balanced by opaque and linear elements. On a subconscious level, I prefer pleasing natural and organic shape in both 2-D and 3-D works of art in juxtaposition to a more tense and angular form associated with artificial and manufactured objects.

Artist’s Background ~
A native of Mississippi, I am an artist who lives at idyllic Lake Powell, near scenic Hwy. 30-A in the Florida Panhandle. Having developed a deep love of the area throughout my lifetime, my spouse and I decided to make Florida our home in 2009. In 2016, my career path returned me to the creation of works of art, full-time, following professional dance, visual merchandising, furniture design, art gallery ownership, retail store ownership, and a professional interior design practice of 20 years. I am grateful for all of my many blessings and experiences but I must say that I am happiest in my painting studio.

Thank you for considering my work and please contact me with any questions.                 
Phone:                  850.258.6809

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